The Reens

Gathering Stories about The Reens and Troon Life
/ Hwedhla adro An Run ha bewnans Trewoon

In the past four years many people in Troon have joined the charity Sustrust walking The Reens, exploring its rich natural history and ancient landscapes. On our walks we have been sharing stories, finding out more about long forgotten places and seeking out the stone ruins of the medieval chapel of Fenton-Ia.

This ancient site today lies deeply buried in the valley in a sad overgrown state. Years ago this ancient place was excavated by the great Cornish archaeologist, Professor Charles Thomas. The chapel is a protected scheduled monument but its present condition has meant it is on the national Heritage at Risk register. The Reens has always been a special place for Troon. It’s ancient heritage of local stories stems from the story of St Merasek, the patron saint of Camborne, who took refuge in the woods and created a sanctuary here around the stream and built a solitary cell across the stream from the chapel.

Inspired by great local interest during our walks we are holding an event in the village hall in June to widen the opportunity for everyone in Troon to join us in gathering stories and ideas on future safeguarding these special places. We hope this is especially an opportunity for those people who can no longer walk to The Reens or have mobility issues.

On 4th June, Sunday afternoon artists, filmmakers, walkers and archaeologists will meet at Troon Village Hall. We welcome everyone to come and share your memories and stories about the Reens and Troon life. We will capture and record stories on sound, photography, film, virtual worlds and by making maps. We will show short films from the Giant’s Quoit project (Carwynnen Quoit). We will dance the serpentine dance AND there is free tea and cake for all!

Mapping the Reens with Wendy Brawer of Green Map System. Photograph Peter Dewhurst

If you are coming, please do bring any photographs or objects you might have about The Reens and Tea Treat so we can look at them. We can help archive photographs if they are not already in an archive by making phone snaps to get a sense of the kinds of images you have. We can take your details so we can contact you later and keep your copyright.

Come share and make memories with photographs, virtual worlds and treats – free tea and cake for all!

Dewgh kevrenna ha gul kovyow gans skeusennow, bysow gowir ha temmyn denti – tea ha tesen rydh rag oll!

Gathering Stories about The Reens and Troon Life is supported by FEAST, Camborne Town Council, Cornwall Council Community Chest and Berrymans.

FEAST is a programme to make great art happen across Cornwall.

FEAST harnesses the talents and energy of Cornwall’s artists and communities, generating new opportunities for everyone to enjoy the arts. The focus is on bringing people together to share experiences as audiences or participants, and on animating local celebrations and cultural life.

Investment for FEAST comes from Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. The programme is managed by Creative Kernow.

Illustration Philip Hills