Waste Action

Ban the bag

We have been co-ordinating the campaign to ‘Ditch the Plastic, make Helston Fantastic’ in partnership with other groups. Following the success of Rebecca Hosking in Modbury, we have been working towards a plastic free Cornwall.


Cornish beaches have the worst litter problem in the UK.
Contributors to Ban the Bag the Alistair Sawday community toolkit book, we continue working to reduce plastic use and irresponsible disposal for our wildlife’s sake.

Making charcoal

Arisings, waste from invasive woodland species in a controlled burn to produce cooking charcoal. 40,000 tons of charcoal are flown into the UK every year. Much of it is a by-product of tropical logging. Buy local or FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified products.


We have been involved with environmentally efficient buildings for many years.
Our new office has a grass roof, local timber cladding, water from a borehole, high insulation and any heating comes from locally sourced wood.