The Sustainable Trust was granted charitable status in spring 2002. Based on the Old Clowance Estate at Praze-an-Beeble, we are responsible for 75 acres of historic estate woodland here, managed for outdoor education for all. We also care for another 15 acres in the Luxulyan Valley. Used by school and outdoor education groups Crenver Grove on the B3303, Camborne Helston road, at the turn off to Drym is open to the public during daylight hours. Fox Grove, the larger Grove is a Nature Reserve and dogs are not encouraged. Deer and Otter have been seen here. Invasive Rhododendron has been removed to lessen the risk of ‘Sudden Oak Death’, a real threat in Cornish woodlands. Cooking charcoal is made from the felled Rhododendron and sold locally, leaving a very small carbon footprint.

Our projects reflect our belief that natural resources are better for both the long term health of the planet and those who inhabit it. Building with environmentally sensitive or locally produced materials, is also a part of our work. Our office is solar powered, our vehicle runs on biodiesel made from waste oil. Our recent major project was the restoration of a collapsed quoit at Carwynnen. Please like our Facebook pages at The Sustainable Trust and Carwynnen Quoit for recent news, or follow our tweets @giantsquoit or @sustrust