Crenver Cove

Crenver Grove, lies on the southern edge of the Clowance Estate south of Praze-an-Beeble, it’s halfway between the towns of Helston and Camborne in Kerrier District in south-west Cornwall. It is a 35 acre historic grove which is managed by the Sustrust for The Dandelion Trust.

Archaeological and management plans for Crenver Grove are available to download in PDF format. If you can’t open these files you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Archaeological Report – PDF document

Management Plans – PDF document

Crenver Grove has been used to train groups of local Forest School practitioners. Volunteers working towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award are welcome. In the past we have been helped by the homeless from New Connections in Camborne. Disabled students from Truro College have also enjoyed time with us. We are always happy to welcome educationally challenged helpers and those in recovery. Corporate bonding exercises are popular here as well as parties, films school visits, green woodwork, willow weaving and timber framing courses.


Fox Grove

We manage this beautiful, less accessible woodland as a nature reserve. Otters and deer have been seen here, so we discourage dogs from this grove.

Rhododendron Removal
In order to arrest the spread of Phytophera Kernovia (Sudden Oak Death) in Cornwall, rhododendron is being removed from woodlands by responsible managers.
It was so invasive in Fox Grove, it was almost impossible to negotiate the 40 acre woodland.
Volunteers are helping us reclaim the forest floor from the piles of arisings left behind from the clearance. 150 new trees have been planted by The Conservation Charity.