Crenver Cove

Crenver Grove, lies on the southern edge of the Clowance Estate south of Praze-an-Beeble, it’s halfway between the towns of Helston and Camborne in Kerrier District in south-west Cornwall. It is a 35 acre historic grove which is managed by the Sustrust for The Dandelion Trust. read more…

Restoration of a Quoit

quoit_001-webWe bought Carwynnen Quoit, also known as the Giants Quoit. Formerly in a ruined state, the quoit was once likened to Lanyon Quoit. It has also been called ‘The Devil’s Frying Pan’ set in what was known in old tithe records as ‘Frying Pan Field’. Now it’s back on its feet. The Quoit is set in 5 acres of land which we have made accessible to the public. read more…

Think Globally

childrenSustainable aid for tsunami stricken Sri Lanka

Visiting Sri Lanka for talks with the Centre for Environment and Development (CED) on the formation of an Eco-village with right livelihoods, trustee Owen Fenn and Administrator Pip Richards watched this disaster unfold and were lucky to escape.
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Waste Action

ban_the_bagBan the bag

We have been co-ordinating the campaign to ‘Ditch the Plastic, make Helston Fantastic’ in partnership with other groups. Following the success of Rebecca Hosking in Modbury, we have been working towards a plastic free Cornwall. read more…